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Sunday, 11 January 2015

J-Lo in LoLo?

Now that I have your attention...

Actually, the only connection is that I, who currently live in LoLo, just processed these images of J-Lo, which I took at the Vancouver We Day, back in October.

This is more of a photo-centric post, because it amazes and pleases me that I was able to capture some meaningful images from less-than-optimal circumstances.

We were sitting up in the "nose bleed" seats and I shot my Sony NEX 7 with the kit 55-210mm lens, which is not particularly sharp at the far end. And, I had to use high ISO to get fast enough shutter speeds, but cropping in on that lovely 24MP sensor sure helps to compensate for the lack of anything longer than 300mm (35mm equivalent).

The starkness of the lighting worked very well for process no these as B&W, as did the noise which ends up looking very film-grain-like.

Great performer and stunningly beautiful.


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